Au pair Chore List

A great idea for utilizing your au pair’s 45 hours is not only to have a consistent “date night” with your spouse or friends, but also to take each of your children out for a date night with both parents. The other child(ren) can have dinner home with your au pair. Children LOVE having the opportunity to have the attention and company of both parents! One on one time with your children is a great use of “extra” au pair hours

Ideas for household chores au pairs can do within the 45 hours: Some of these are daily tasks, some are done weekly and some are occasional. Speak with your LCC if you have any questions about housekeeping!

Chores we often think of:

  • Prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or snacks
  • Clean and put away all food, dishes and pans from children’s meals and snacks
  • Wipe table, stove and counters as needed from preparing children’s meals and snacks
  • Sweep and/or mop as needed after children’s meals and snacks
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Grocery shop
  • Help out with clearing table, doing dishes, cleaning up table/floor after dinner when au pair joins family meals
  • Vacuum the kids’ bedrooms
  • Tidy/straighten their rooms (pick up/put away clothes and toys, wipe dressers and nightstands, close doors/drawers)
  • Wash kids’ lunch boxes and water bottles
  • Pack kids’ lunches and snacks for next day & put in fridge
  • Wash/dry kids’ laundry, fold and put away
  • Wash kids’ sheets, towels, and pajamas and re-make the beds
  • Wash sheets and change bedding; Make children’s beds
  • Organize playroom as needed
  • Keep children’s toys and games picked up and put away and organized (make sure pieces are put away properly and not lost)
  • Put away and organize children’s books
  • Keep the children’s coats, boots, hats, mittens, etc. organized in mud room or closet
  • Remove notes and papers from backpacks after school for parents to see when they get home
  • Pack backpacks with needed items for the next day
  • Lay out the children’s clothes for the next day


Other ideas for au pair chores:


  • Cut up fruit so that it’s always available during meals and snacks
  • Cook and freeze easy reheat food: chili, soups, muffins, cookies, cut up fruit for smoothies
  • Rinse out baby food jars & cans for recycling
  • Clean the kid items & trash out of the au pair/family car & bring to car wash
  • Make sure the car and the car diaper bag are stocked with sippy cups, juice boxes and snacks
  • Library books: Checking new ones out with kids, keeping track of them, returning them
  • Take older kids shopping for specific things they need that you don’t need to be there for (project supplies, uniform pieces, birthday presents for friends)
  • Pre-buy, wrap and label presents for kid birthday parties so that you can grab and go on the day
  • Shop for school supplies
  • Clean out cabinets with art supplies, make lists and purchase any needed supplies
  • Organize kids’ drawers and closets; Pack up outgrown clothes as needed
  • Take outgrown clothes to donation organization
  • Cleaning out old toys that are too young for the host family kids now
  • Organize sporting equipment
  • Putting together scrap book/photo album of the kids
  • Set time aside for language lessons for the kids
  • Re-organize toys and books, make sure everything is in the correct labeled box and put away in the right place
  • Refill and clean vaporizers
  • Wipe down the kids’ bathroom counter and sinks, and run their cups and toothbrushes through the dishwasher
  • Mop or sweep children’s bathroom floor
  • Check kids’ toilet cleanliness (toddlers)
  • Wash and replace kids’ towels as needed
  • Wash small rugs in children’s bathroom
  • Pack activity bags for older sibling classes
  • Pack activity bags for vacation, road trips
  • Keep strollers, high chairs crumb free and clean
  • Bring in any toys left in the yard



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